Dr. Janet Weiss

Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Janet Weiss felt drawn to her family pets ever since childhood. She wanted to know what made them behave the way they did, how their bodies worked, why they purred or barked… she’s felt an obligation to help care for animals for as long as she can remember! Dr. Weiss’s passion never wavered—now, she’s been tending to the pets and pet parents of LaPorte for over 20 years.

Dr. Weiss was born in Colorado but grew up here in LaPorte with her parents and two brothers. She attended a regional Purdue campus for her pre-veterinary studies, then spent a year working as a Kennel Assistant and later as a Veterinary Assistant and Grooming Assistant before securing a spot in Purdue University’s veterinary studies program to earn her Doctorate.

Dr. Weiss completed an externship in a Chicago-area exotic pet practice her senior year, then accepted a position under a local veterinarian with whom she had spent a summer assisting on farm calls. She served in that capacity for the next four and a half years, running the small-animal portion of the practice and also helping out on large-animal cases and emergencies, before securing a small-business loan and purchasing what would become Maple City Animal Hospital from the previous owner. Dr. Weiss took over the reins in 1996 and has been the owner, chief veterinarian, and manager of the clinic ever since!

One of Dr. Weiss’s favorite parts of veterinary medicine is getting to see cherished pets grow up over the years and become integral members of the family. She’s also fond of the fast-paced, ever-changing nature of her work; after all her years of practicing animal care, she still finds new mysteries to solve.

When she isn’t tending to pets’ needs here at the hospital, Dr. Weiss enjoys trying out new recipes, crafting, solving puzzles, reading mystery novels, gardening, and scrap sewing. She shares her home with a pair of senior-citizen cats, both adopted from right here at Maple City Animal Hospital: Sonny’s favorite pastime is staring and purring at Dr. Weiss to try and communicate what he wants; Celeste is the ultimate lap-cat and prefers to be in physical contact with Dr. Weiss as often as possible.