Kennel Manager

When & how did you come to work at Maple City AH?

October 2021. I was driving by and stopped to apply.

Why did you become a veterinary professional?

I wanted to work with animals. I wanted to be able to help animals that were in need of support and be able to see the sick/injured pets be able to recover.

Tell a story about one specific animal or event related to animals that inspired you.

There were 2 very young kittens that were surrendered to us that were in very rough shape. They both were fighters and didn't give up. They both unfortunately passed but fought hard and didn't give up the fight.

How did you become a veterinary professional?

I first started my journey at All Creature Features at the age of 13 job-shadowing my aunt 1-2x a week. Then at 16, I started a new journey at Maple City Animal Hospital.

What do you enjoy most about your job & why?

Getting to learn new things every day. I enjoyed getting to learn something new every day. I like to help prep the pets for surgery because it's interesting seeing the animals every day.

What are your personal origins?

I grew up in La Porte, Indiana with my sister, my parents, and a German Shepherd. 

Who is your family now?

One sister, two brothers, my parents, two German Shepherds, one Siberian Husky puppy, and a couple of cats. 

What are your personal interests & achievements?

I like to work.