Lakisha always had pets while growing up, and she’s felt a drive to help them stay happy and healthy ever since she was young. The day that she and her sister rescued an injured kitten, cleaning the poor critter’s wound and nursing it back to full health, sealed Lakisha’s fate: ever since, she knew that she would one day help animals professionally!

Lakisha is originally from Chicago, Illinois and began her veterinary journey by volunteering at local animal shelters. It wasn’t long before she applied to become a Kennel Aide and help pets hands-on; eventually, she worked her way up the ladder to become a Laboratory Assistant. Lakisha jumped into the world of grooming while serving at a local pet store, and wound up attending grooming school to become a certified Pet Stylist! She’s been helping pets to look and feel their best ever since.

After working with another local grooming salon for a time, Lakisha was thrilled to join the Maple City Animal Hospital family in February of 2016. She finds that she particularly likes to soothe nervous or anxious animals during their visits to the hospital; grooming these companions successfully is especially rewarding for her!

When she isn’t doting on pets here at the clinic or giving her time to animal rescue efforts outside of work, Lakisha enjoys spending time with her dog at home. She shares her life with Hercules, a South African Boerboel who loves everyone he meets and is always ready for a vigorous petting session.