When & how did you come to work at Maple City AH?

Initially joined in August of 2021, but had to move.  Moved back to the area and returned in April 2023.  Found the job listed online.

Why did you become a veterinary professional?

Always had a love for animals. Almost went to college to study Ecology & Conservation. I like to help people and animals/pets. 

Tell a story about one specific animal or event related to animals that inspired you.

My first time ever seeing an episode of "The Crocodile Hunter" on Animal Planet.  After seeing the 1st episode, I fell in love with the show and with animals and wanted to do something involving them.

How did you become a veterinary professional?

I was fresh out of college (during Covid) and "down on my luck" with jobs involving my major (History). While looking for jobs, I decided to look into Animal Science related jobs as well and found Maple City. And as they say, the Rest is History!

What do you enjoy most about your job & why?

Probably my favorite part of the job is a tie between the people I worked with, who are all very kind and amazing, and my work hours/shifts, which are well-balanced and very flexible when they need to be.  I enjoy working with and speaking to clients because it helps me learn more about the community and I enjoy playing with the animals at the hospital, because of course. 

What are your personal origins?

I was born and raised here in LaPorte, IN. I have a semi-normed family with parents, grandparents, stepparents, step-grandparents, sibling(s), and stepsiblings as was as all other types of family.  I've always been interested in (Pre) History, Paleontology, Zoology, and Conservation.  My influences were my grandma and The Crocodile Hunter.

Who is your family now?

Current Pet - Finnegan an adorable and playful pain in my butt. A mix Siamese cat who is technically my sister's cat. 

Former Pets - Izzy (a sweet Yellow Lab), Calista (a sassy & spoiled mixed German Shepherd), Nalie (a fat and grumpy Calico), Midnight (best good boy, a black DSH), and Lilly (a skittish Grey Tabby DLH).

What are your personal interests & achievements?

I enjoy gaming (cards, board games, & video games), swimming, reading and writing Fiction/Historical Fiction/Sci-Fi novels, going outdoors (but not when it's super hot/humid our or full of mosquitoes, and spending time with family and friends. Honestly, so many exciting things have come from these hobbies and others that I honestly cannon narrow it down to just one for each hobby.

Anything else you would like to add?

Whenever there are new baby animals coming in for appts. or to live at the Hospital for a time, it always makes me and the rest of the staff feel happier/better and make work day all that more fun.