Check in is after 3pm. Pets are welcome to arrive prior to 3pm and a ½ day fee will be applied.
Check out is before 1pm. Pets are welcome to stay past 1pm and a ½ day fee will be applied (pets receiving a bath will not be assessed this fee and are encouraged to go home after 3pm).
Contact Preferences:

ALL PETS ADMITTED MUST BE CURRENT ON THEIR PHYSICAL EXAMINATION BY A DOCTOR OF ITAH and their core vaccines must be up to date (Intestinal Parasite, DHPP, Bordetella, Rabies for Dogs; FVRCP, Rabies for Cats). If your pet is past due, he/she will be examined and given the necessary vaccinations upon admission, and current charges will apply.

Medical/Grooming Services

Doctor exam requested
Nail trim
Ear cleaning
Anal sac expression

Basic Comforts (Check Those That Apply)

If my pet is not eating well while away from home, it is ok to entice them with flavor additives
Beds/towels are Ok to leave with my pet for comfort (note that some pets may chew and ingest pieces which may be a danger to their health)

Extra Comforts and Playtime (Check Those That Apply)

(Unless otherwise instructed, your pet will receive Hill’s Science Diet. Prescription diet that may be used to tempt a pet to eat or to calm an irritated bowel will be charged at regular rates).

I want my pet to receive INDIVIDUAL PLAY TIME at an additional cost per session.


Medications and Health


Medications must be brought in original containers. If medications are not provided, you will be charged at the current rates.) Please list any/all medications below, their dosages, and instructions. There is a fee for Medication Administration per day.

Medication #1

Medication #2

Medication #3

Medication #4

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