Veterinary Nurse

When & how did you come to work at Maple City AH?

October 2020 from an animal shelter. 

Why did you become a veterinary professional?

I started with veterinary science in 4-H. I also did the Poultry Exhibit in 4-H for ten years. These two projects made me want to become part of this field.

Tell a story about one specific animal or event related to animals that inspired you.

While in my childhood, my family owned many animals on a hobby farm. Caring for them and seeing them thrive made me want to do that professionally.

How did you become a veterinary professional?

I was put in a position where I had to leave the animal shelter field. I had some animal experience and Maple City gave me the chance to further my knowledge.

What do you enjoy most about your job & why?

I enjoy client education about spaying and neutering because it can help break hurtful myths related to the subject.

What are your personal origins?

I grew up in DeMotte, IN with two younger siblings and my mom and dad. My interests included caring for my chickens and house pets.

Who is your family now?

My husband and one-year-old son. We own two dogs, a cat, a snake, and multiple fish tanks. Chamber & Arrow are my goofball dogs. Slug is my ninja-like kitty. Lastly is Pockets, our Sand Boa. 

What are your personal interests & achievements?

My interests include music, baking, and iced coffee. My achievements are being a new mommy and varied certificates throughout my career.