Veterinary Nurse

When & how did you come to work at Maple City AH?

I started working here in April 2023.

Why did you become a veterinary professional?

I have always loved animals and always wanted to help them.

Tell a story about one specific animal or event related to animals that inspired you.

When I graduated HS, I volunteered at an animal shelter and helped rehab three behavioral cases and got them adopted.

How did you become a veterinary professional?

I first started my journey in Texas as a Kennel Tech then moved to a bigger clinic and started training as a Technician. From there, I moved to Emergency Vet Med for a few years and now I am back in General Practice.

What do you enjoy most about your job & why?

I love seeing animals leave my care happy and healthy. A few things I love doing in the office are surgery, taking blood, and post-operative care. 

What are your personal origins?

I am originally from Hawaii. I grew up as the oldest and only girl. I love the ocean, art, plants, and obviously my animals.

Who is your family now?

Starburst - bird - Sun Conure who loves dancing

Houdini - bird - a loud boy who loves to talk

Harley - bird - a shy girl that loves singing

Tila - bird - small body with a huge personality

Rio - bird - a young boy who loves his treats

Apollo - dog - a big, fluffy boy who loves cuddles

Lucas - dog - old man who loves naps

Loki - dog - crazy Shepherd who loves running

What are your personal interests & achievements?

I am currently in school for Veterinary Medicine. I love cooking and working with my animals.