Bonding With A Ferret

Have you recently adopted a ferret? Congratulations! Of course, your new pal may need some time to settle in, and really feel safe and loved. It’s also important for him to realize that you’re going to take great care of him, and provide him with great care and lots of attention. A local LaPorte, IN vet offers some advice on bonding with a ferret in this article.

Body Language

Ferrets may be quite bold and fearless, but they are prey animals in the wild, and have the instincts of such. It’s very easy to frighten these little guys! Pay close attention to your body language. Avoid sudden movements, and don’t hover over your new pet or sneak up on him from behind. You also want to avoid cornering your pint-sized pal.

Keep It Calm

We know, getting a new pet is a big deal, and can be super exciting. However, don’t get too excited. Loud noises and sudden movements may scare your tiny friend! 


Big life changes, like going to a new owner, are a huge deal for pets. It can take several days or weeks for them to really feel safe. Give your ferret time to settle in. At first, just sit outside the cage and talk to your miniature furball. You may want to pull up a comfy chair for reading or using your phone. 

Sweeten The Deal

Food is always helpful for bonding. Offer your ferret small treats when they come to you. Just stick with safe options. Ask your vet for specific recommendations. 


Ferrets have very sensitive (and cute) little noses. To help your pet get used to your scent, put a tee-shirt or something else with your scent in it inside the cage. 


Once your ferret has relaxed a little, you can start including them in your regular daily activities. You can wear a hoodie with a pouch when watching TV, and let them curl up in that. 

Keep A Schedule

Consistency is also important. Set aside time every day for hanging out with your ferret, grooming them, and playing with them.  Bring the little guy into your office with you when you need to get work done, or make it a habit of playing with them after dinner every night.

Do you have questions about ferret health or care? Contact us, your LaPorte, IN animal clinic, today!

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