Things To Do For Your Cat This Year

Happy New Year! As we toss out our 2022 calendars and move forward into 2023, many people are setting personal goals for the coming year. Why not include your kitty in those plans? This is a great time to revisit Fluffy’s care regimen, and perhaps see if anything needs to be adjusted. A LaPorte, IN vet suggests a few ‘pawesome’ resolutions for people with cats in this article.


Playing is of course fun for Fluffy, but it’s also good for cats to unleash their inner lions, and practice their pouncing skills. Plus, it keeps her fit, healthy, and happy. Make daily playtime a thing this year! 

Offer Small Comforts

Little things can go a long way towards turning your home into a kitty mansion. Provide Fluffy with feline luxuries like soft beds, window seats, catnip, toys, and scratching posts or boards.

Make Alone Time Better

Does Fluffy spend a lot of time home by herself while you’re out working to earn money for catnip and kibble? Turn a TV or radio on for her before you leave. Your furry pal will also appreciate a good window seat, where she can sit and watch birds and squirrels.

Groom Her

Cats are very good about keeping themselves clean, but they can still use a bit of help here. Brushing your kitty will remove dead fur and dander from her coat, which will in turn reduce hairballs. It’s also a good chance to check Fluffy’s body condition.

Veterinary Care

Many of our feline patients don’t come in as often as they should. Make a point of bringing Fluffy in regularly. It’s also important to keep an eye out for signs of sickness between visits. Ask your vet for more information. 

Offer A Fountain

Did you know that many cats prefer to drink running water? Offer Fluffy a kitty fountain. This is a great way to make sure she is staying hydrated.

Talk To Her

Did you know that just talking to your feline buddy can make her feel loved and safe? Pay more attention to Fluffy this year, and keep that little motor going. Time spent with cats is never wasted! 

All of us here at Maple City Animal Hospital, your LaPorte, IN animal clinic, wish you a wonderful new year. We look forward to providing your pet with great care in 2023 and beyond!

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