Boarding A Senior Dog

December is the busiest month of the year for travel, as so many people head home for the holidays. For many of our canine companions, that means staying in a kennel while their owners are out of town. With senior dogs, you’ll want to take a few extra steps to help them stay content and comfortable during their stays. Read on as a LaPorte, IN veterinarian offers some advice on boarding an older pooch.


Dogs are very much creatures of habit, especially once they reach their golden years. Fido can get unsettled by changes to his daily routine. If your furry pal’s daily doggy agenda at the kennel will be significantly different from his usual one, start making adjustments in advance.


FInding the right kennel is half the battle here. Once you’ve found one that you like, take Fido in for an overnight stay. This will help him get used to his home away from home, which will make things easier on him in the long run.


Most kennels offer options for playtime and walks. Fido may not need a vigorous play session, but he will still require at least a daily walk. This can also help ward off physical effects from any stress he may feel about being away from home. Talk to the kennel about options. If possible, request that your canine pal be walked on a similar schedule to what he does at home. Keep in mind that older dogs may need more frequent potty breaks than puppies. And while Fido may enjoy playtime, a rambunctious puppy may be too much for him.

Medical Conditions

Just like people, dogs become more susceptible to certain illnesses as they age. If Fido has any medical conditions, be sure to provide that information clearly. You’ll also need to provide very clear instructions on any medications your pooch should be taking. Make sure to provide your contact information, your vet’s number, and a trusted backup contact in case you can’t be reached.


Kennels all operate a little differently when it comes to what you can and can’t bring. Find out what you should and shouldn’t pack for your furry buddy. If packing food and/or medication, add a few days’ extra, just in case of mishaps or delays.

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