Fido’s Holiday Grooming Appointment

The holidays are just around the corner. If you’re having guests over, you’ll of course want to make your place as cozy and welcoming as possible. That includes Fido, too! If you really want your pooch to look his best for guests, you may want to book him an appointment at the doggy salon. This is a busy time of year for groomers, so there are a few things to keep in mind here. A LaPorte, IN vet offers some advice on scheduling your canine buddy’s holiday beauty session below.

Book Early

If you want to take your furry friend to the salon, make that appointment early. Everyone wants their pets to look their best for holiday guests! It’s also a good idea to book the next appointment at the same time.

Avoid Last-Minute Changes

Groomers often get quite busy around the holidays. This isn’t a good time to ask for last-minute add-ons; Fido’s hairdresser may not have time to accommodate.

Keep Up With Paw Care

The winter months can be rough on Fido’s feet. Keep those paws in shape between appointments by regularly applying paw balm or wax. Nail trims are also very important!

Make It Fun

Going to the salon can be a bit stressful for dogs. You can help your four-legged pal form a positive opinion of his beauty sessions by treating him to something special after. Offer Fido a special snack, or stop at a pet store on the way home and let him pick out a new toy.

Consider Climate

Many pups are more comfortable in summer with cute trims. However, summer is definitely over. At this time of year, Fido really needs the warmth and insulation his coat provides. Let his coat grow out!

Keep Up Maintenance

In between appointments, brush Fido regularly to keep his coat soft and clean. Be sure to use the right type of brush! Ask your vet and groomer for recommendations.

Avoid Perfumes

While no one wants their guests being greeted by a stinky dog, heavy perfumes are definitely not the answer. These can be quite harsh for Fido’s sensitive nose.

Don’t Forget The Photos!

Once you get your canine buddy back home, snap a cute holiday picture of him. Man’s Best Friend takes great photos!

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