Cute Things Only Happy Cats Do

September is Happy Cat Month! We love helping our feline friends live their best lives. It doesn’t take too much to please our furry overlords: good food, clean litterboxes, and, of course, proper veterinary care will take care of Fluffy’s basic needs, while things like soft beds, toys, and catnip will get that little motor going. Of course, kitties can be quite mysterious, so it isn’t always easy to tell if they’re content or not. A LaPorte, IN vet offers some information on this below.


Kitties are absolute masters of the art of zen. If you find your furry friend sprawled out on her back, draped across a chair or napping in your chair, she’s pretty confident that she’s found her proper place in your home.


One of the cutest things about our feline buddies is the fact that they are so playful. If Fluffy is acting silly and frisky, there’s a pretty good sign that your kitty is pretty happy with her lot in life.

Steal Bed Space

Kitties are great cuddle buddies! Of course, they do somehow manage to take up huge chunks of bed space. If Fluffy is relegating you to a small section of your own bed, or perhaps sleeping on your pillow, she’s clearly pretty comfortable with you, and feels safe enough to boss you around a bit.

Bring You Presents

We usually associate Fetch with dogs, but many of our furry pals also do bring things back to their humans. (Fluffy also has a preference for bringing her people dead birds and rodents, but that’s another topic.)


Our feline companions all have their own purrsonalities. While many are very cuddly, some are actually quite aloof, and may be pretty selective when it comes to showing affection. That’s purrfectly fine: that means it’s extra special when Fluffy does snuggle up with you.

Bonus: Purrs

You may be wondering why purrs didn’t make the list. Fluffy often does purr when she’s happy, which is of course adorable. However, this isn’t something only happy cats do. Kitties also pur to soothe themselves when they are feeling sick or scared, likely to soothe themselves. However, more often than not, a purring furball is a happy furball.

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