Helping A Timid Cat Shine

Have you recently adopted a scaredy cat? Kitties sometimes join households rather unexpectedly. Quite a few of our feline friends were rescued from the streets, while others just showed up at their owners’ doorsteps one day. Just like people, pets all have their own purrsonalities. While there are plenty of bold, fearless furballs out there, many cats are very nervous and uneasy, especially in new environments. Read on as a local LaPorte, IN vet offers some advice on helping your new pet connect with her inner lion.

Let Fluffy Settle

Give Fluffy a few days to get used to her new home before trying to handle her too much. Very frightened cats may want to hide in a small space until they feel safe. That’s fine! Your scaredy-cat may appreciate having something like a kitty condo or a spot beneath a bed.

Tempt, Don’t Force

You’ll need to take Fluffy to the vet as soon as possible, which will of course require handling her and getting her into the carrier. Aside from that, don’t try to hold her or pet her just yet. That may just make your kitty more scared!

Keep Interactions Positive

Cats tend to be very wary of potential dangers. It’s important for Fluffy to feel safe, which means that she needs to know she is free to approach or retreat at will. Let her come to you. This is where your furry pal’s natural curiosity can come in handy. Hold out a treat, or use a wand toy to tempt her. Talk to her in a friendly voice. Let her sniff your fingers, and then gently pet her forehead. If she backs away, just let her go.


Playing can help bring your furry pal out of her shell. Nailing a tricky pounce can be a great confidence booster for your pint-sized panther! Plus, a good workout will help Fluffy burn off her excess energy.

Keep Kitty In

We advise this for all cats, but it’s purrticularly important for nervous ones, as they’ll be much harder to catch if they get out.

Give It Time

Fluffy may just need time to adjust. Provide kitty luxuries, like beds, boxes, scratching posts, and, of course, lots of toys. You’ll have that motor going before you know it!

As your local LaPorte, IN veterinary clinic, we are always happy to help. Call us anytime!

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