Bunny Grooming Tips

Grooming Floppy is important for several reasons, aside from simple cleanliness. It can help prevent hairballs, which are extremely dangerous for bunnies. Plus, it will keep Floppy cool in summer and warm in winter. It’s also a good bonding activity. A LaPorte, IN offers some insight on this below.

Time It Right

If Floppy has long hair, you’ll need to brush her every day. Shorthaired buns, on the other paw, may only need weekly beauty sessions. Of course, all bunnies need daily grooming during molts.

Use A Towel

Put a towel down on your lap before settling in with your furry pal. This will help keep fur and nail trimmings off your clothes. You can also wrap Floppy in it to trim her nails.

Get The Right Supplies

You may want to get Floppy her own beauty bag, or perhaps a little storage tote, for all of her things. You’ll need to add a soft washcloth, nail clippers made for small animals, cotton swabs, and styptic powder. Brushes, of course, are a must. The type you should get will depend on the type and length of Floppy’s fur. Long-haired rabbits may need detangling mats. You may also want to get a deshedding brush.

Nail Trims

Your furry little friend will need a pawdicure. Otherwise, she could get caught on something. Just take care not to cut too far: if so, you may hit the quick, which is where Fluffy’s nerves and blood vessels end. Ask your vet to demonstrate proper techniques.

Never Bathe Your Bunny

Rabbits are naturally terrified of water, and can actually go into shock if submerged. Plus, their fur dries very slowly, which puts them at risk of fly strike and hypothermia. Just use a washcloth to spot clean any dirty areas.

Be Gentle

Rabbits have very delicate skin, which tears easily. Be super careful, especially when dealing with tangles. Never tug or pull at bad knots. Use a pair of blunt-ended scissors to cut them out instead.

Make It Pleasant

Always give your furball a treat after her beauty session! This is a great time to indulge Floppy’s sweet tooth. Grooming sessions will be easier for both of you if she thinks she’s being pampered, rather than punished. Just stick with safe treats. Ask your vet for recommendations.

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