Summer Ferret Care

In summer, pet owners need to be particularly careful not to let their animal companions get too hot. That applies to ferrets, too! Any time the temperatures rise above about 85, these guys are in danger of overheating. A Michigan City, IN vet offers some tips on helping your tiny buddy beat the heat below.

Climate Control

The ideal room temperature for ferrets is going to be in the lower 70’s. This is something to be very cognizant of if you like your place a bit warmer than that in summer. Air conditioning, of course, is the best way to keep your pet cool. If you don’t have central AC, or just try to limit your use of it, consider getting a portable or window unit for your ferret’s room. Fans will help too, of course. Just don’t point them at your miniature furball’s cage.


The best thing you can do to keep your ferret cool is make sure they always have plenty of water. You may want to add a second water bottle, or give your furry friend a bowl of water with some ice in it.

Cage Cooling Tricks

There are a few other things you can do to help your little buddy stay cool. One option is to freeze water bottles, wrap them in towels, and put them in your ferret’s cage. Just make sure they can’t chew the plastic. Some ferrets enjoy ‘swimming’ in a shallow bowl of cool water. Others may enjoy being misted.

Heat Stroke

Keep an eye out for warning signs of heat stroke. Some of these include lethargy, vomiting, shallow and/or rapid breathing, red feet, drooling, and glassy eyes. Your ferret may lie prone on the floor, or eat less. Seizures are a more dangerous red flag. If you notice any of these things, immediately take steps to cool your pint-sized pal down and call your vet or an emergency clinic.

Cage Location

If your pet’s cage is in a sunny area, you may want to relocate it to a new spot until the weather starts to cool down. Cellars are often quite cool, though of course you’d need to do quite a bit of ferretproofing.

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