8 Reasons To Celebrate Dog Party Day

Dog Party Day is coming up on June 21st, which is also the Summer Solstice. We’re definitely on board with this idea … as are many of our canine patients. Here, a Michigan City, IN vet lists some reasons to celebrate Dog Party Day.


This one is particularly crucial for puppies. Those first few months are key to Fido’s development! Dogs need to be exposed to different places, faces, and experiences when they’re young. This helps them form open minds about the world. It’s also important for puppies to interact with older pooches, so they can learn the ‘rules’ of being a pooch.


A proper dog party will of course include lots of toys, and maybe some kiddie pools or Frisbees. For those of you with active pups, this is a great way to give your furry pal his daily workout … and hopefully wear him out a bit.


Fido is extremely loving and loyal, and he will faithfully stay with you no matter what. That said, it is good for him to run and play with his buddies, and just enjoy being a dog. Everyone needs time with their friends!


The last few years have been difficult for many. One thing that gets people through hard times? Pets! Our furry friends are a great source of comfort. Fido also keeps us smiling with his cute antics and tail wags.


Man’s Best Friend always takes cute pictures. You can definitely get some adorable photos of your four-legged pal playing with his friends. You can never have too many pet pics!

Fun For You

You don’t have to throw the whole day to the dogs. Puppy parties are a perfect complement to people parties! Have some friends over for a potluck or barbeque.

A Perfect Companion

Fido really is a wonderful pet. He’s loyal, loving, and adorable, and will faithfully stay by your side no matter what. Your furry pal deserves a special day to just have fun being a dog!


A good guest list is everything! Only invite friendly, well-behaved dogs that are current on their vaccines and parasite control. Puppies, senior pets, pregnant dogs, and pooches with medical issues will probably be best staying home.

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