Reasons To Adopt A Shelter Cat

June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! Of course, we’re happy to see shelter cats getting adopted at any time. However, we’re more than happy to give a signal boost to the countless numbers of cute, sweet kitties in shelters, who are just hoping someone will take them home and give them love and care, as well as catnip, scratching posts, and empty boxes. A local Michigan City, IN vet lists some reasons to adopt a shelter cat in this article.

Save Money

Adopting through a shelter is a very budget-friendly way to bring a new feline friend into your home. Because Fluffy will likely already have been fixed, you may save on veterinary care as well.

Pick The Purrfect Pet

One thing we know for sure about cats? They are all unique individuals. Whether you are looking for a kitty that is a specific age, breed, or color, you’ll find a potential match for you in a shelter. It’s also important to keep an open heart. Who knows? You may fall in love with that sweet senior cat nobody wanted.

Find A Forever Friend

Cats may be small, but they do have a way of wrapping us around their paws. It can be hard not to melt when you look into Fluffy’s furry face and see her looking at you with complete adoration!

Help Other Animals

When you adopt a shelter kitty, you’re also helping other animals. For one thing, you’re making space at the shelter, so another kitty can have a chance at adoption. You’re also helping the shelter financially. Plus, you’ll be setting a great example for others.

Live In Entertainment

One of the best things about having a kitty? You have live entertainment 24/7. Cats have a special way of keeping us smiling. Fluffy even manages to be funny when she’s sound asleep, which is actually pretty impressive.

Purrs And Love

Fluffy may have tried very hard to make us fear her, but we know the truth: kitties are actually very emotional, and really need to feel loved to thrive. Cats also tend to be very grateful and affectionate to those who have helped them. That unconditional love is very precious and beautiful, and is actually one of life’s greatest treasures.

Have you recently adopted a shelter cat? Congratulations! Please contact us, your Michigan City, IN animal clinic, anytime.

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