Fido’s First Trip To The Groomer

Do you have a hard time bathing your dog? Taking your canine companion to the salon is going to be much easier for you. However, it’s important to get Fido on board. Here, a Michigan City, IN vet discusses taking Fido’s first trip to the salon.

Keep It Positive

It’s important to make the experience as pleasant as possible for Fido. Keep things positive by offering Fido treats, and talking to him in a cheerful voice.

Calm Doggy

Tire your canine buddy out beforehand with a fun play session. He’ll naturally be calmer!

Follow Guidelines

Although groomers all have slightly different procedures and protocols, any decent ones will require that Fido be current on his vaccinations and parasite control. Have any necessary papers with you. You may want to email copies to yourself, so you always have them.

Keep It Short

Fido’s initial appointment should be short and sweet. Just go for the basics the first time.

Don’t Linger

It may not be easy to leave Fido behind, especially if he’s whining, but delaying will only make things worse. Once you’ve dropped your furry friend off, don’t wait around. This will only increase his distress.

Offer Pertinent Information

Some pups are going to be more uneasy at the groomer than others. Rescue dogs, for instance, may be frightened. If you know or suspect that your pet may get scared, and/or that he has been subjected to neglect or abuse in the past, let the groomer know. In some cases, it may be safest to muzzle Fido. This may not be ideal, but it’s definitely way better than having him bite someone!


It’s also important to be clear about what you want. That cute cut you want might have a different name than you think! If you want Fido’s hair done a certain way, bring pictures.

Be Open

Not every cut or option is right for all dogs. Some pups shouldn’t be clipped at all! Ask your vet and groomer for recommendations.


Now for the fun part. When Fido’s beauty session is over, you get to pick up a clean, soft pup to snuggle with. Get that tail going by taking him to a park, getting him a new toy, or offering him a special treat.

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