Brushing Your Dog

Our canine companions sport many different hairstyles and colors. We think they’re all pretty adorable. While different breeds do all have their own specific grooming needs, all pups benefit from being brushed regularly. A Michigan City, IN vet gives some information on this below.

Why Brushing Matters

Brushing Fido actually serves several purposes. First and foremost, it removes dead fur, dust, dander from his coat. This will prevent tangles and help maximize the insulating qualities of your pup’s coat. Brushing also helps distribute the natural oils that his skin produces, which helps keep his fur moisturized and healthy. Plus, it’s a good chance for you to check your furry friend for things like fleas, redness, or lesions.

Coat Type

How often your canine buddy needs to be brushed depends on the type of coat he has. Dogs with short fur usually will be fine getting brushed once a week. If Fido has thick fur, he may need to be brushed several times a week. Many long-haired dogs require daily brushing, as otherwise their coats will get tangled.


Choosing the right tools is also important. A plain rubber brush is fine for most short-haired dogs. If your cute pet’s fur gets tangled a lot, you may need to use a slicker brush to get rid of mats, as well as a bristle brush to remove dead hair. Dogs with double coats may also need special brushes. Ask your vet for recommendations.


Some dogs are more comfortable with clipped fur, especially in summer. However, this isn’t right for all dogs. If your canine pal has a double coat, a haircut could damage it. Always go to a groomer for Fido’s trims.

Shedding Season

Your four-legged pal may need to be brushed more often in peak shedding times, which are usually spring and fall. Take Fido outdoors for his beauty sessions, so the extra fur just blows away. Hopefully, it will end up in a bird nest, rather than getting stuck to your sofa!

Tail Wags

No matter what kind of pooch Fido is, it’s important for him to have a good impression of being brushed. Give your furry bff a yummy treat after his beauty sessions, and remember to praise him and tell him he’s a good boy.

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