Traveling With Cats

Did you know that tomorrow, January 2nd, is the official kitty new year, or Mew Year, as Fluffy calls it? It’s also Pet Travel Safety Day. Our feline friends tend to be homebodies, and they often protest—loudly, and sometimes with all of their claws and teeth—at being taken out of their kingdoms. In most cases, we would recommend boarding Fluffy, and saving her the stress of travel. However, sooner or later your fuzzy little buddy is going to need to leave home, whether it’s to visit her vet, to move, or even going on vacation. Read on for some tips on traveling with Fluffy from a Michigan City, IN vet.


Fluffy should always travel in a carrier. It’s worth your while to get her a good one, as you’ll need it for trips to the vet and such anyway. We don’t advise using the cardboard ‘donut box’ type ones. These are really made for one-time use, such as when you bring Fluffy home for the first time. They fall apart if wet or old, and don’t offer much protection. Add comfy bedding and toys, to make it more comfortable. Be sure to put your contact information on the carrier. Cover it with clear tape to make it weatherproof.


Before taking Fluffy on a trip, make sure that she is microchipped, and that the information on your account is correct and up to date. (Tip: try using the AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup tool here to check.) We also recommend putting a collar with ID tags on your kitty, even if she doesn’t usually wear one.

Calming Kitty

Traveling can be very scary for kitties. Pet-calming products, such as treats and sprays, may help with this. Depending on where you’re going, and how long the trip will take, you may want to give Fluffy a calming medication. Never Jgive your feline pal medications without approval from your vet. Also, be sure to follow instructions to the letter.

Air Travel

Flying is stressful enough for people, so it’s understandable that it can be extremely unsettling for cats. If you do need to take your kitty with you, choose a flight that will let her be with you in the cabin. Do plenty of research before booking tickets.

Do you want to learn more about boarding? Contact us, your Michigan City, IN animal clinic, today!

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