Fall Grooming For Dogs

Autumn is officially here, and the weather is starting to get pretty chilly. Your canine companion may have a fur coat on, but he’s not immune to the cold. A Michigan City, IN vet offers some advice on Fido’s seasonal beauty care needs in this article.


Does Fido have a thin coat? If so, he may need a jacket on frigid days. Make sure that your pet’s things fit him well, and are not too tight, hot, or constricting. Avoid items with zippers, as they can catch in your pup’s fur. Anything with buttons or dangling cords is also unsafe: some dogs will try to eat these, which is of course very dangerous.


Many dogs don’t get many baths during the winter. You may want to take Fido to the salon for his baths, so you don’t have to worry about doing a dry-off walk in frigid weather.


Brushing is also important: dead fur and dander can make Fido’s fur less efficient at insulating him from the cold. How often you need to brush your pooch will depend on what type of fur he has. Check with your vet if you’re not sure.

Paw Trims

Overgrown nails are much more problematic than many people realize. If Fido’s nails are too long, he’ll have trouble getting traction on slippery surfaces. Keep your canine friend’s claws trimmed!


Does your four-legged friend have tufts of fur growing between his toes? If so, you may want to clip these. In winter, they can collect ice balls, which are very uncomfortable for Fido. You may also want to get a bathroom rug, and keep that outside the door your furry buddy comes in through. This will help get mud and ice off his paws, so he doesn’t track them inside.


Fall is a peak time for pollen and dust. Furnaces can also dry out the air. If you and/or your pet have allergies, you may want to pick up some pet wipes. You can also keep a washcloth and a bottle of water near the door. Wipe Fido’s paws and coat down after you walk him. In winter, you’ll also want to wipe down his feet, to remove any salt or sand he’s picked up.

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