How To Spoil A Guinea Pig

Have you recently added a pint-sized buddy to your household? Guinea pigs–also called cavies–are really cute and lovable, and they seem to be winning over more and more people every year. These charming little balls of fur have some pretty unique and adorable traits. Read on as a local Michigan City, IN vet offers some advice on spoiling a Guinea pig.

Cozy Castle

One common mistake many people make with smaller animals is not giving them enough room. Guinea pigs are much larger than gerbils and hamsters, and they need bigger habitats. Offer your furry buddy a clean, comfy home. Be sure to include the requisite accessories, such as hide boxes, food dishes, and water bottles. Your cavy will also need plenty of toys, including safe chew toys. You can add a hayrack and litterbox if you like. Ask your vet for specific tips.


This one actually should be considered basic care, rather than pampering. Guinea pigs are extremely sociable, and they get very lonely without pals. We recommend keeping at least two together. Only house same-sex pigs together, though, as otherwise you’ll find yourself with more pets than you bargained for.


A proper diet is crucial for any pet, and these guys are no exception. Cavies enjoy treats just as much as any other animal! Some good options include pears, apples, and clean fruit tree branches. Just be sure to stick with safe foods. Ask your vet for recommendations.


Guinea pigs like to snuggle up in soft, comfy beds. These guys love little pet tent/beds, which are also called cozies. You can buy these, or you can also make your own.


Small animals need to feel loved and safe, too! One great thing about Guinea pigs is the fact that they’re often much more affectionate than the average pocket pet. Some of them even like to sleep in their humans’ laps! Spend time with your tiny friend, and pay attention to them. How will you know if your miniature furball is happy? If you’re lucky, you’ll see your pet ‘popcorning.’ Popcorning is sort of a happy dance/jump that Guinea pigs do when they’re feeling playful or excited. (We probably don’t have to tell you how cute this is.)

Do you have questions or concerns about Guinea pig care? Contact us, your Michigan City, IN animal clinic, anytime!


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