Things to Ask Your Groomer

Do you take your dog to the groomer for his beauty sessions? This is a wonderful option for keeping Fido clean, and making sure his skin and coat are in good shape. Your groomer is an important part of your dog’s care team, so it’s important for you to have a good line of communication with them. Read on as a local Michigan City, IN vet lists a few things you may want to ask your groomer.

How Does Fido’s Skin And Coat Look?

As with people, dogs’ skin and coats can give a pretty good overall idea of his health. Groomers are trained professionals, and they often spot things like lesions or rashes. Ask your groomer if they noticed any issues, such as dryness, redness, flaking, or irritation on your pet’s skin.

Would My Pet Benefit From A Summer Trim?

Many dogs are more comfortable in summer with a shorter cut. Walking around in a fur coat in August can be pretty hot! Of course, this is not an across-the-board recommendation, as not all pooches should have their fur clipped. Still, it never hurts to ask!

Are You Running Any Specials?

You may want to check on this when you call to make Fido’s appointment, but it’s not a bad idea to check again. Who knows? You may be able to bundle services, and save a bit of money.

Did You Need More or Less Time?

Usually, once a groomer has worked with a dog a few times, they’ll have a pretty good idea about how much time Fido’s beauty sessions will take. That said, it’s a good idea to check back on this, and see if anything needs to be adjusted. If your canine pal took a half hour longer than expected, you’d definitely want to know. Your future self will thank you for giving yourself more time at the next appointment, especially if you are in a time crunch that day!

Was He A Good Boy?

To be fair, if Fido wasn’t a good boy, your groomer will probably let you know. However, if your pooch was polite and well-behaved, this is a great chance for you to reward him with a yummy treat, or perhaps a trip through a dog-friendly drive-thru!

Do you need to schedule grooming? Contact us, your local Michigan City, IN veterinary clinic! We’re always here to help!

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