Creating a Dog-Friendly Yard

Do you have a yard for your canine pal to run and play in? If so, that’s wonderful. While Fido will still need the exercise and stimulation those daily walks provide, he will benefit from being able to run and play outdoors. Carving out an afternoon or weekend here and there to make your home more dog-friendly will definitely score you lots of tail wags and happy dances. Read on for some tips on giving your place a pupgrade from a local Michigan City, IN vet.


First and foremost, make sure that your fencing is secure. For most dogs, a four or five foot fence will do, but if you’ve got a jumper, you’ll want to go higher. Make sure that it’s sturdy enough, so that your pooch can’t push through it. If Fido is a digger, bury chicken wire along the bottom and weight it down with rocks. We recommend getting a self-latching gate.


Add some fun features for your canine buddy. A kiddie pool, sandbox, or doghouse will all get that tail going. Outdoor toys are also a must! 


There’s no reason that you can’t add some plants. Just stick with things that are safe for your furry friend. Check the ASPCA site here for suggestions. If you know or suspect that Fido will try to dig your plants up, separate your yard into sections. You can use fences as borders, but low brick walls, potted plants, raised beds, or shrubs will also work.

Water Fun

Overheating is very dangerous for Man’s Best Friend. Add a few features to keep Fido cool. A kiddie pool is a great option. You can also get a sprinkler or a pet fountain. Don’t forget water bowls!

Ground Cover

Keep Fido in mind when choosing ground cover. Mulch is very popular for beds, but it can be dangerous Some dogs will try to eat it. This is a huge choking risk! Fido could also get paw splinters. Plus, mulch offers a convenient hiding spot for fleas ticks,and other critters. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it, but try to limit it and keep it in areas your dog can’t access. If you want a more pet-friendly option, look into thyme, clover, or buffalo grass

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