Senior Cat Holiday Care

Seasons’ Greetings! At this time of year, we usually get lots of cards, many of which feature kittens looking extra adorable against seasonal backdrops. While we are just as easily charmed by baby cats as anyone else, we also have a bit of a soft spot for felines that are in their golden years. In this article, a Michigan City, IN vet offers some tips on keeping an older furball happy and purring throughout the holiday season. 


Keep your feline friend’s age in mind when choosing gifts. At this stage in Fluffy’s life, you really want to focus on keeping her healthy and comfortable. Soft beds are a good bet. (It doesn’t matter if your furball already has one. Or five. Kitties can never have too many beds.) Your feline pal may also appreciate pet stairs, a fountain, or even a trip to the salon for a good grooming session.


Cats are definitely creatures of habit. Fluffy may very well be annoyed, unsettled, or even frightened by changes to her environment and/or to her daily kitty routine. If you are having people over, make sure your furry friend has a safe, comfy spot to retreat to. You can put her in a quiet back room with bedding, food, toys, treats, and, of course, a litterbox. Turn a TV or radio on for her, and just let her sleep through the festivities. 


Food is of course central to many holiday celebrations. There’s nothing wrong with giving your furry friend something special. However, don’t give Fluffy foods that contain a lot of salt, sugar, or fat. Anything rich or greasy can be hard on your pet’s digestive system, and could make her quite ill. Ask your vet for more information on safe and unsafe treats.


This is a very special time in your feline pal’s life. You may find that Fluffy becomes very cuddly and affectionate as she grows older. She may also need to be comforted frequently, as she won’t necessarily understand the changes she is experiencing. Pay extra attention to your furry buddy, and make sure that she feels loved and comfy. Just be very gentle, especially when picking her up or putting her down. Purrs from a senior cat are truly very precious! 

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