Choosing a Good Groomer

Are you tired of giving Fido baths in the tub? Does your furry friend end up soaking half the house when it’s time for his beauty sessions? You may want to consider taking your pet to the salon. Of course, you don’t want to entrust your furry best friend to just anyone. A local Michigan City, IN vet offers some suggestions on finding a good groomer below. 

Ask For References

One of the best ways to find a great groomer is to ask for references. Looking at reviews can help quite a bit. Your vet may also be able to offer recommendations.

Check The Facility Out

Even taking a quick glance at a salon can tell you quite a bit about how it’s run. Does it smell fresh? Is it clean and well-ventilated? Do the tables and facilities look clean and sturdy? 

Ask About Services

Doggy salons can vary quite a bit in the types of services they offer. Some places focus on baths and clipping. Others may perform medical grooming services, such as anal gland expression, ear cleaning, and nail trims. Keep in mind that these things should only be done by trained professionals. 


Speaking of training, it’s a good idea to ask about the type and amount of training kennel staff have had. Some have gone to classes, while others may have learned from mentors. It’s a good sign if someone is putting ongoing effort into continuing to improve their skills. You’ll also want to ask if anyone on site is trained in first-aid, just in case there’s an emergency. 


Ask where your dog will be kept while he is at the salon, and if he will be walked or played with. Fido should have a clean, comfy kennel to himself. This should be in a climate-controlled area, so he doesn’t get too hot or too cold.


When checking out a groomer, you shouldn’t be the only one asking questions. The kennel should ask about things like your pup’s age and breed, and whether he needs any medical grooming. They should also require proof that Fido has been vaccinated. (Note: this wouldn’t necessarily apply if your groomer is attached to your canine pal’s veterinary clinic, as they would already have that information.)

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