Reasons to Take Fido to the Groomer

Is your dog starting to get a bit stinky? If so, it’s probably time for a bath. Fido may not be thrilled about being bathed, but he will look and smell better once he’s clean. He’ll also be more comfortable. However, doggy bathtime really isn’t much fun for either you or your pet. Why not take your pooch to a salon? A Michigan City, IN vet lists some benefits of professional grooming below.


First and foremost, taking your pet to the salon is just easier than bathing him yourself. It’s also a great time saver. You get to drop Fido off, go about your day, and then pick up a clean pooch.

No Mess

One of the best things about taking Fido to the salon? You won’t get soaked! You also won’t have to deal with dog fur in your bathtub or sopping wet floors and walls.


Summer can be pretty hard on Man’s Best Friend. After all, Fido is wearing a fur coat! Your pet may be more comfortable with a trim. Why not have your furry friend cleaned and clipped at once? If your pup’s salon is integrated with an animal clinic, as ours is, you may also be able to get him examined and/or pick up parasite control, at the same time. These things can definitely be time savers!

No Scratches

Fido has been known to scratch some tubs, particularly when he is getting in or out. When you go to a groomer, you don’t have to worry about your canine buddy damaging your bathroom.

Medical Grooming

While some dogs are just fine with a basic bath, others need medical grooming, such as anal gland expression or ear hair trims. These things definitely should be done by professionals!

Cuddles With A Clean Dog

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s always great to cuddle with a clean, fresh smelling pup! In fact, you may want to bring Fido through a drive-through on the way home for a special treat. A plain cheeseburger is a good option.


Finding a good groomer is very important. Do some research, and ask for references. Also, be sure to offer any special instructions clearly, both verbally and in writing.

Please contact us, your Michigan City, IN vet clinic, for all of your dog’s grooming and veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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