6 Things You Learn When You Adopt a Cat

Have you been considering adopting a cat? If so, this is a great time to do it. June is Adopt A Cat Month! As it turns out, adopting Fluffy can be a very educational experience. Here, a Michigan City, IN vet lists some things you learn when you adopt a kitty.

Cats Are Hilarious

Our feline buddies brighten our lives in many ways, but one of the best things about them is the way they keep us laughing. Watching Fluffy pouncing on a catnip mouse or ‘stalking’ that little red dot is highly entertaining! It’s safe to say that your new pet will put a smile on your face with her silly antics.

Kitties Are All Different

Cats are all unique, to say the least. Some are shy and timid, some are curious and mischievous, some are cuddly, and some are more aloof. Have fun getting to know Fluffy, and finding out what her individual quirks are!

Adopting Shelter Pets Is Very Rewarding

While we love seeing any pet get a loving home, shelter cats really need help. Many of our feline patients were rescued or adopted from shelters. One thing we know for sure: giving a kitty in need a second chance at happiness feels great!

Pets Make Life Better

Kitties may be small, but they can take up some pretty big spaces in our hearts. Fluffy has a way of melting our hearts when she falls asleep on us, jumps into our laps, or meows at us to communicate. It may only take a few looks into your furball’s eyes for you to realize that you’re smitten with your new kitten!

Cats Are Grateful!

Cats are quite smart, and they definitely know when someone has helped them. Don’t be surprised if you soon become the apple of your feline friend’s eye. You’ll be repaid for your kindness with unconditional love and endless purrs and cuddles. That’s a pretty good deal in our book!

Purrs Are Magic

The fact that kitties vibrate with love and happiness also makes them very special. It’s always a wonderful feeling when you make a shy furball purr for the first time. We suspect that you won’t be able to resist smiling when Fluffy starts her engine!

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