4 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog

October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! While we always enjoy seeing dogs go to great homes, this is a perfect chance to shine a spotlight on shelter dogs. There are far too many sweet, wonderful dogs out there in shelters, who only want someone to love them, play with them, and rub their bellies. If you’re considering adopting a dog, please think of getting Fido from a shelter. In this article, a Michigan City, IN vet lists some great reasons to adopt a shelter pup.

Give A Second Chance

If you’re an animal lover, like us, you may very well wish that you could help every dog in need. That’s too much for any one person to accomplish, but you can definitely make a difference to that one special pup. You may find that giving a shelter dog a new lease on life, and a future filled with treats, belly rubs, and love, is very rewarding. As for Fido, he’ll repay you with happy dances, cuddles, and unconditional love, and will stay loyally by your side. Talk about a win-win!

Find Your Perfect Pet

Our canine companions come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you are looking for a cuddly lapdog, a gentle family pet, or an athletic pooch to go jogging with, you may find Fido waiting for you in a shelter. You’ll also be able to spend some quality time with your new buddy before making a final decision. This is very important! After all, adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment.

Save Some Money

Did you know that going through a shelter is often cheaper than adopting from a breeder or pet store? You may also save on veterinary care, since shelter dogs are typically already fixed, and current on vaccinations and parasite control.

Promote Good Animal Welfare

Adopting a shelter dog is an act of kindness that often grows far beyond that initial impact. For one thing, you’ll be freeing up some much-needed space at the shelter, so another homeless pup can receive food and care while he waits to get adopted. You’ll also be indirectly helping other homeless pets, since the funds you spend on Fido’s adoption fees will go towards feeding and caring for other pets in need.

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