Tips for Taking Fido to the Groomer

Does your pooch hate being bathed? If so, he’s in good company. Dogs seem to enjoy feeling fresh and clean, but most of them are not very fond of baths. To be fair, bathing Fido can be a hassle, which is one reason so many people choose to take their pets to the salon instead. Read on for some great tips from a local Michigan City, IN vet on taking your pup to the groomer.

Be Clear

It’s really easy for people to misunderstand one another, or get their signals crossed. Be very clear when giving instructions. For example, if you want Fido to have a certain cut, but aren’t sure what it’s called, bring a picture of it. It’s also important to let your groomer know if you or your four-legged friend are allergic to certain products or perfumes.

Brush Between Visits

Even if you take Fido to the groomer for his baths, you’ll still need to do some maintenance between appointments. We recommend brushing your canine buddy regularly, to remove dead fur and dander from his coat. For pups with long fur, this will also help prevent mats and tangles from forming.

Avoid Long Goodbyes

Fido can be a bit of a ham at times. Some pups get extremely theatrical when their owners are dropping them off. We know, it’s hard to leave that adorable face, but long, drawn-out goodbyes will only make things harder on both of you. It’s better to make the drop off short and sweet. You’ll be back soon!

Be Honest

If your canine companion has issues with anxiety or aggression, or just has some quirks, such as hating his paws being touched, let the groomer know ahead of time. In these types of situation, honesty is definitely the best policy!

Check With Your Vet

All dogs have their own unique grooming needs. Some may need medical grooming services, such as anal gland expression. Don’t just assume that your furry pal does or does not need these services: play it safe, and ask your vet for specific advice.

Have A Treat

After you pick your canine friend up, you get to cuddle with a clean, fresh-smelling dog! Make sure to give Fido a special treat, or perhaps a new toy.

Please reach out to us, your local Michigan City, IN vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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