How to Spoil a Bunny

Do you have a bunny? Bunnies are just as cute—if not even cuter—as dogs and cats, but they have very different needs. However, just like Fido and Fluffy, Floppy will be happiest if she feels loved, safe, and maybe a bit spoiled. Here, a Michigan City, IN vet offers tips on pampering bunnies!

Comfy Cage

Your adorable little pet will spend a lot of time in her cage, so be sure it’s comfortable for her. Floppy’s cage should have a solid floor: wire floors don’t hold bedding, and can cause paw injuries. Your bunny should also have plenty of room to stand up, stretch out, hop around, eat, and play, without tripping over her things. You’ll also need to add a suitable substrate and a hidey-hole.


Bunnies are basically tiny, furry chewing machines. Floppy has open-rooted teeth, so she needs to constantly nibble on things to wear those little choppers down. Offer your pet lots of chew toys. This doesn’t have to cost much, as you can make many rabbit toys out of cardboard, wood, wicker, and paper items. Ask your vet for more information.

Play Area

Floppy will need several hours outside of her cage every day. Consider bunnyproofing a specific room or area. To make this even more fun for Floppy, add footstools for her to hop on, and boxes for her to climb and chew.


One thing all of our furry patients have in common is a love of treats. Floppy has a bit of a sweet tooth, and loves sweets. Candies and baked goods are definitely not safe for bunnies, but you can give your little buddy some safe fruits, like strawberries, on occasion. Just don’t overdo it: too much sugar is bad for your pet!

Health Care

Make sure to keep up with Floppy’s health care needs. Good food, grass hay, and fresh water are all crucial. Your furry pal will also need to see the vet regularly. Between appointments, you’ll need to brush your bunny and trim her nails. Ask your vet for specific advice.


The best way to pamper any pet is to make sure they feel loved and safe. This is true for bunnies as well! Spend time with Floppy every day.

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