Taking Good Care of Your Senior Dog

Do you have an older dog in your household? It’s important to keep up with your aging companion’s care needs—that way, they stay happy and healthy throughout their golden years! Learn more below from a Michigan City, IN veterinarian.

Diet Choice

Once your dog is a senior, his nutritional needs are different than they were at a young age. All senior dogs should receive a specially formulated diet made just for the needs of older canines. Senior formulas help your dog maintain a healthy weight, and they provide all of the essential nutrients for good health. Talk to your veterinarian for a recommendation on a great diet choice for your pet, and be sure to ask about an appropriate portion size.

Preventative Care

Few things can sideline a senior dog’s health faster than an infection or pest infestation. That’s why it’s so important to maintain preventative care throughout your dog’s older years! Keep your companion up to date on essential vaccinations to prevent Lyme disease, parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, rabies, and others. Make sure your dog receives preventative medications to avoid heartworm, fleas and ticks, and other common pests. If your dog is in need of these preventative healthcare measures, don’t delay—contact your vet’s office for help.

Grooming Help

It’s not as easy for your aging dog to groom himself as it was a few years ago. Give your pooch a helping hand to keep your dog looking his absolute best and maintain good skin and fur health. Brushing on a regular basis helps remove loose fur from the coat, and it spreads natural skin oils through the fur to moisturize it effectively. The occasional bath—always using a canine-formulated shampoo—is another great way to make sure your dog stays clean and odor-free.

Modifications at Home

Try making a few simple modifications to your home to help your pooch get around easily, especially if they’re suffering from the painful twinges of arthritis. Consider using pet ramps or stairs to help your dog get up on his favorite loveseat, or up into the car for trips. Make sure Fido’s bed isn’t located near a drafty window or door so that he’s comfortable all night long.

Veterinary Checkups

Don’t forget to have your dog examined at the vet’s office regularly. It’s an essential part of great senior dog care! Schedule your dog’s appointment at your Michigan City, IN vet clinic.

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