Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Kitties are beloved and popular pets that have a way of leaving pawprints and cat fur on our hearts and souls. They’re also great at getting us to spoil them! Actually, did you know that there are specific holidays just for Fluffy? One of the cuter ones is just around the corner. January 22nd is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! Here, a Michigan City, IN vet lists some of Fluffy’s most pressing queries.

What Are You Doing?

Kitties are very curious, and like to keep a close eye on their human buddies. (Actually, that may be a bit of an understatement: some cats are downright nosy!) Your furball may very well decide to sit on your computer as you’re trying to work, or sprawl out on a magazine you’re trying to read.

Why Are You Ignoring Me?

Kitties all have their own purrsonalities. Some are very affectionate, and want to be cuddled and petted all day, every day. These furry cuddlebugs absolutely hate being ignored!

Why Are You Leaving?

Our feline pals are, well, rather lazy, and generally like to spend most of their time doing pretty much nothing. Therefore, it’s not very surprising that Fluffy doesn’t understand why we have to go off to work to earn money for kitty litter and pet food.

Why Is My Breakfast Late?

Cats are not actually related to hobbits, but they do share something in common with these fictional creatures: a love of breakfast. Being late with Fluffy’s morning meal is a serious offense!

Why Can’t I Have That?

As mentioned above, kitties are very playful. They aren’t always very purrticular when it comes to choosing their playthings, however. At some point, Fluffy may very well try to play with something that really isn’t—or at least shouldn’t be—a toy!

Where Did My Toys Go?

Toys are very important for Fluffy, as they benefit her both mentally and physically. However, this won’t stop her from pushing all of her catnip mice under the couch.

Why Are You Moving? I’m Comfortable!

Cats just happen to be the purrfect size to fit into our laps. They often take advantage of this, and use us as cat furniture. At some point, you’ll need to move your drowsy little furball mid-snooze.

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