DIY Holiday Gifts for Pets

Season’s Greetings! Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Or are you waiting for the last minute? It’s always a great feeling when you find that perfect gift for someone. If you want to save money, our just like making presents for others, why not make your pet’s gifts? A local Michigan City, IN vet offers some great DIY gifts suggestions below.


Fluffy will be purrfectly thrilled with a new cat tower! Repurpose an old stepladder by adding some smooth boards to the steps to make furball napping spots. Then, cover the whole thing in carpet or sisal rope. A cat grass mat is another great option. Get a shallow storage tote or a clean litterbox, put soil and cat grass seeds in it, and let it grow. Voila! Or, make your kitty a box castle. For a simple one, just connect some empty boxes. You can also go all-out and add extra levels, windows, and/or towers for Her Furry Highness.


Fido loves to play Tug O War! To make a fun rope toy, cut a tee shirt or towel into thin strips. Braid the strips together, and then braid those braids together. Finally, tie the ends off in a big knot. You can also make your pup a fun puzzle toy. Get a length of PVC pipe and two end-caps, and drill several holes in the pipe. Smooth out any ragged edges on both the inside and outside, then fill with kibble and close.

Pocket Pets

Bunnies, gerbils, hamsters, rats, mice, Guinea pigs, and other small pets have one thing in common: the need to chew. Upcycle the cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls into some fun toys for your tiny furball. Stuff them with fresh, safe herbs, or cut them into rings and then reassemble them around a tasty treat. You can also shred or crumple up some plain sheets of paper and put them in a paper bag or a shoebox. Another option is to make a cute maze or castle out of cardboard tubes and/or boxes.


Always put safety first. Never give your four-legged buddy anything small or sharp, or anything with dangling threads or ropes. Also, avoid anything covered in varnish, paint, dye, glitter, or other decorative coatings. Ask your vet for more information.

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your local Michigan City, IN vet clinic, anytime!

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