How to Get Your Dog to Stop Shedding So Much

While shedding is a part of life for most dog owners, it doesn’t mean that shedding is particularly pleasant. Sometimes, it can start to get out of hand! Read on as your Michigan City, IN vet offers a few tips to cut down on Fido’s shedding and reduce the amount of fur found around your home.

Great Grooming

Grooming your pooch regularly is a great way to cut back on shedding. Brush your dog daily to remove loose and dead fur from the coat, preventing it from winding up all over your home. Ask your vet what type of brush and/or bristles will work best with your dog’s fur. Professional grooming sessions are another great way to keep your dog’s coat healthy and minimize shedding—set up an appointment with Maple City Animal Hospital’s grooming salon today!

Proper Diet

Did you know that feeding your dog a high-quality diet is one of the best ways to minimize shedding? That’s because the right nutrition keeps your dog’s skin and hair follicles healthy, resulting in less fur being shed. Consult your veterinarian to find out what type of diet will best suit your canine companion’s age, breed, and weight. Your dog will thank you!

Dietary Supplements

For some dogs, dietary supplements can be used to improve the coat quality even further. Omega-3 fatty acids, coconut oil, and fish oil are just a few examples of dietary supplements that may be prescribed to dogs. As a general rule, check with your veterinarian first before giving a dietary supplement to your pooch, as supplements may not be helpful for every dog.

Hair-Care Products

Additional hair-care products, such as conditioners, styling sprays, and more, are a necessity for some dogs with special grooming needs. If your dog’s shedding seems to be a particular problem, ask your veterinarian about specialized products that can help resolve the issue.

See the Vet

If you still can’t seem to get your dog’s shedding under control, or if your dog has started to shed drastically in a short amount of time, set up an appointment at the vet’s office. A variety of medical issues—allergies, skin infections, stress and anxiety, parasitic infestation, and much more—could be the cause of your dog’s increase in shedding!

To learn more about your dog’s grooming needs, or to set up an appointment with the salon, contact your Michigan City, IN animal hospital today.

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