Protect Your Pet From These Halloween Hazards

Halloween and trick-or-treat night are only a few days away. Did you know that this time of year can prove quite hazardous for cats and dogs? Luckily, a few simple precautions will keep your companion safe! Learn more here from a Michigan City, IN veterinarian.

Costume Dangers

Dressing your pet up in a Halloween costume is definitely adorable. Just make sure your four-legged friend stays safe and happy, as clothing that fits too tightly or too loose can stress pets out! Be sure to check your pet’s costume for small parts like buttons, zippers, or bits of plastic that could be chewed off, choked on, or swallowed.

Chocolate and Candy

The biggest poisoning danger during Halloween season is chocolate and candy treats. You might even have a large bowl of treats ready for trick-or-treaters, so it’s important to make sure your pet doesn’t gain access. Chocolate of all types contains chemicals like caffeine and theobromine, which aren’t healthy for pets, and candies are often sweetened with an artificial sugar called xylitol that can poison pets quickly. Store candy and chocolate in areas where pets can’t reach, and don’t let them anywhere near the treat bowl on the big night.


Electric decorations like jack-o-lanterns and plastic ghosts must plug into a wall outlet. As is the case with any electric appliance, make sure your pet doesn’t try to chew on the cord, as this could lead to a dangerous electric shock. If necessary, tape down cords so that pets don’t tangle with them.

Another decorative danger this time of year involves autumnal plant decorations, like gourds, pumpkins, and fall corn. These items aren’t toxic to pets, but they can cause harm nonetheless—for one, they present a choking hazard to pets who decide to chow down on them. Secondly, ingesting too much of any foreign substance can make a pet sick! Keep an eye on your companion to make sure they don’t try to eat any of your Halloween or autumnal decorations.

Anxiety and Escape

Trick-or-treat night can prove very anxiety inducing for many pets; after all, the doorbell will be ringing constantly with new arrivals. This also presents an opportunity for escape every time the front door opens. If you have an anxious pet, prevent the chance of escape by securing them in another room.

For more Halloween safety tips for pets, call your Michigan City, IN vet clinic.

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