6 Reasons to Brush Your Cat Regularly

There are many things to love about our feline friends. Fluffy is not only absolutely adorable, she’s also cuddly, personable, and highly entertaining. Cats are also quite clean. Your kitty will carefully groom herself every day to keep her fur soft and shiny. However, even though cats are very dedicated to their beauty regimes, they still need a helping hand sometimes. Read on as a Michigan City, IN vet lists some reasons to brush your pet daily.

Remove Dead Fur and Dander

Although some kitties shed more than others do, all cats regularly lose dead fur. Brushing your kitty regularly will help get that dead hair out of her coat. It will also remove dust and dander.

Remove Tangles

Some kitties, especially long-haired furballs and senior cats, can get matted or tangled. This is quite uncomfortable for Fluffy!

Less Fur Everywhere

Another benefit of brushing Fluffy is that you’ll find less fur stuck to your clothing and upholstery. You’ll be capturing that dead hair with a brush before it gets everywhere.

Monitor Fluffy’s Health

If you groom your furry little diva regularly, it will be much easier for you to notice changes in her body condition, such as weight gain or loss. You may also be able to spot lesions, bumps, or other signs of medical issues.


Cats may try to act aloof and independent, but they are actually very emotional, and get quite attached to their humans. Fluffy will be happiest if she feels loved and pampered. Brushing your feline buddy regularly is a great way for you to spend time with her while you’re relaxing or watching TV.

Reduce Risk Of Hairballs

Hairballs are definitely not one of Fluffy’s cuter tricks. They aren’t any more fun for cats than they are for us. In addition to being, well, pretty yucky, hairballs can pose a serious health threat. If your feline pal can’t properly expel her hairballs, she could face some dangerous medical issues. Grooming can help reduce or prevent hairballs, because you’ll be removing that dead fur before your kitty swallows it.


If you don’t have time to brush Fluffy regularly, consider taking her to the salon. Your adorable furry friend will still benefit from regular beauty sessions!

Do you need to make a grooming appointment for your kitty? Contact us, your local Michigan City, IN pet clinic, anytime.

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