How to Get Your Dog to Take His Pill

Those of us who have given our canine companions pills in the past know firsthand how difficult it can be. The next time you have to administer pill medication to your dog, make it easier on yourself with these tips from a Michigan City, IN veterinarian.

Hide in Food

Oftentimes, the easiest way to get your dog to swallow his pill is by hiding the pill in food. Try stashing the medicine inside a glob of wet dog food, wrapping it up in a roll of deli meat, or stuffing it into the center of a soft dog treat. With any luck, your pooch will happily gobble down the morsel without even realizing there was medication inside!

Before giving your dog his pill in this manner, check with your vet to make sure the pill can be taken with food. Some medications are meant to be given on an empty stomach!

Crush or Grind

Depending on the medication your dog is taking, you may be able to crush or grind the pill up and sprinkle it over his regular meal, or stir it into food to mask over the flavor. Always make sure to check with your vet first, though. It’s not always safe to crush up your dog’s medicine, as this method may render medication ineffective or introduce too much of it at once to your dog’s body.

The Toss Trick

If your dog enjoys catching treats in mid-air, you’re in luck. Try making medication time a fun game! Toss a tasty dog treat or two to your canine companion, then the pill, then another treat or two in quick succession. If you’re lucky, your dog will swallow all the “treats” that are tossed to him, not even realizing that one in the middle was his pill!

Chewable Pills

Today, certain pills and medications come in chewable and/or flavored versions. They’re made to taste just like a dog treat, so most dogs will happily gobble them up without a fuss. In addition to medicines, some vitamins and dietary supplements are also made this way. Ask your vet if your dog’s medication happens to come in a chewable or flavored version.

Do you still need help administering your dog’s medication? If the above methods don’t work and you’re not able to administer your dog’s pill manually, give your Michigan City, IN veterinary clinic a call. We’re always here to help!

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