Don’t Believe These 5 Cat Myths

Cats are pretty good at being mysterious. Maybe that’s why we believe so many myths and misconceptions about them! Allow your Michigan City, IN vet to set the record straight—below, learn the truth about some common cat myths.

Cats Always Land on Their Feet

This is a myth, and a dangerous one at that. Cats, although graceful and well-poised, can slip and fall like anyone else, potentially injuring themselves seriously. Short falls can be even more dangerous, since a cat may not have time to right themselves before impact. If your feline friend likes to lounge by an open window, make sure there’s a sturdy screen in place to protect them from falls.

Cats Love Milk

This is a half-truth! Cats and milk seem to go together like peas in a pod, but it’s not always a great pairing. It turns out that most adult cats are lactose-intolerant, meaning that they can’t properly digest many dairy foods. Too much milk, and your cat will probably experience an upset stomach, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Cats Purr When Happy

This is also only partially true. While cats do often purr to convey happiness or contentment, experts believe that cats may also use purring to indicate a variety of other emotions, some negative. Cats might even purr to signal stress, anger, or fear!

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All Cats Enjoy Catnip

Did you know that many cats won’t respond to catnip? If you’ve given your pet the herb but to no avail, don’t worry—your cat is perfectly healthy! Cats actually require a specific gene, inherited from their parents, to respond to the chemical reaction that catnip causes in the brain. Without this gene, your cat won’t have much of a reaction to catnip at all!

Cats Are Fine By Themselves for a Few Days

Cats are rather independent and will be fine on their own for a time, but it’s not safe to assume your cat will be fine by themselves for more than a full day or two. After all, they’ll need fresh food and water, and the litter box may need cleaning. If you’ll be away from home for longer than two full days, it’s important to have a sitter look in on your pet.

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