Spoil Your Dog Day

Did you know that August 10th is Spoil Your Dog Day? Fido definitely deserves to be pampered. Dogs’ unconditional love and loyalty, intelligence, and adorable tail wags really make them special friends and companions. Read on for some great ideas from a local Michigan City, IN vet on how to get that cute tail wagging.

New Digs

Do you have a yard for your pet to play in? Why not get Fido a doghouse? If your pooch already has a spot of his own, offer him a kiddie pool to splash around in. If your furry pal likes to bury things, he may enjoy a sandbox.


For extra tail wags, treat your canine buddy to a really special treat, like a piece of steak. Other suitable options include cooked, plain meat, fish, or poultry; shredded deli meat; or, of course, store bought treats. You can also give your four-legged friend a yummy cool snack, like doggy ice cream.


Toys are of course fun for Fido, but they’re also a great way to keep him active, entertained, and out of mischief. Classic doggy toys, like rope toys, are fine, but you can also try something new. Does your pooch love nothing more than chasing balls? Get him an automated ball launcher!


Dogs absolutely love exploring! Take Fido to his favorite doggy park, so he can run and play with his friends. Just be sure to put safety first: make sure your pet is microchipped, wearing ID tags, and current on vaccinations and parasite control.

Doggy Comforts

Is your furry buddy’s bed starting to look flat? Why not get him a new one? Senior dogs and large breeds will appreciate the comfort of an orthopedic bed. Smaller dogs may prefer bolstered beds.

Personal Care

Just like people, dogs are most comfortable when they’re clean and well-groomed. Take Fido to the doggy salon, or just give him a good bath.


Dogs are very loyal and loving, and really just want to hang out with their humans. Take time to play with your canine companion. It will be fun for you both! Then, at the end of the day, just relax with your pup, and offer him lots of belly rubs and ear scritches.

Please contact us, your Michigan City, IN pet hospital, for all of your pup’s veterinary care needs. We are happy to help!

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