Taking Your Cat to the Groomer

As you have probably noticed, cats are very, very good at grooming themselves. Kittens start cleaning themselves when they are about a month old. Fluffy’s beauty regime will keep her coat soft and smooth, and remove dirt, dead fur, and dander. However, even the most fastidious kitty may need a bit of help with grooming. Read on as a local Michigan City, IN vet discusses taking Fluffy to the groomer’s.

Health Check

While grooming should never replace proper veterinary care, there are some medical benefits to bringing Fluffy to the salon. Many professional groomers are trained to look for abnormalities, such as lumps, lesions, and skin infections. When treating issues in pets, the sooner a problem is diagnosed and treated, the better!

Mat Removal

Do you have a long-haired cat? Fluffy felines often need some help with all that pretty fur. Senior cats, in particular, often have trouble keeping up with their daily beauty regimes. Once your furry buddy’s hair gets matted, it can become quite difficult to remove those tangles. Professional grooming can help prevent those unsightly mats.

Skin Problems

Kitties can develop a variety of skin problems. If Fluffy is scratching, chewing, or licking herself obsessively, she may have issues with her fur or skin. These problems can be caused by anything from allergies to parasites, so you’ll want to bring your cat to the vet for a thorough exam. Your vet may recommend professional grooming as part of the treatment process.

Pretty Kitty

Every cat’s coat is a bit different. Some kitties are simply greasier than others are. If your pet’s fur looks unkempt, you’ll want to contact your vet and schedule an exam, as this can be a sign of illness. However, if your furball gets the all-clear, she may just need a little help with her grooming needs. Fluffy will be soft and clean when she goes home!

Other Bonuses

If your kitty has long fur, your vet may recommend clipping the hair on her bottom, so it doesn’t get dirt or fecal matter stuck to it. Fluffy may also need nail trims, or ear cleaning. Groomers can provide these services. This will help keep your feline buddy clean, comfy, and purring! Grooming can also help prevent and reduce hairballs.

Do you want to set up an appointment for cat grooming? Call us, your Michigan City, IN vet, today!

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