Does Your Dog Need a Haircut?

Do you have a super fluffy dog? Or does your pup have a smooth, sleek coat? Our canine patients have all sorts of different hairstyles and colors. Some pooches benefit from regular trims, while others are better off without haircuts. Read on as a local Michigan City, IN vet discusses Fido’s ‘do.

Hair Length

If your furry pal has thick fur, you may think he will be cooler with a cute summer do. However, while this is true for some pups, it isn’t always the case. Although some breeds, like huskies, do have very thick coats, this type of fur often provides insulation from heat and cold. Cutting these coats can also cause your pet to develop skin and/or fur problems, as Fido’s fur will not grow back exactly the same after a cut. Ask your vet for more information.

Haircut Timing

There’s no one set schedule for doggy haircuts. Of course, if you show your pooch, you’ll likely want to bring Fido to the salon every month. However, many pups can go a few months between cuts. If you have a puppy, let little Fido get used to being brushed and bathed before you give him a haircut. You may want to let your furry pal’s coat grow in winter, as thick fur will help keep him warm. Some dogs need medical grooming. This means performing procedures for health purposes, such as anal gland expression or ear hair trims. Ask your vet to recommend a grooming schedule.

Type Of Cut

There are many different types of cuts, from the ‘Cocker Style’ to the ‘Schnauzer.’ People are also starting to get very creative with doggy haircuts. Fido has had cuts that make him look like a camel, lion, giraffe, and dinosaur, to name a few. Just make sure your pet is comfortable with his ‘do. (You wouldn’t think Fido would realize he looks silly, but some dogs do seem embarrassed by funny haircuts.) The most important things to consider are the type of fur your pet has, and how long it is. If you are considering dying your dog, be very, very careful. Many dyes are toxic to pets! Ask your vet for specific advice.

Do you need to schedule grooming for your dog? Please feel free to call us, your local Michigan City, IN vet clinic, today! We provide excellent grooming services.

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