Senior Cat Care

Is your kitty getting along in years? Our feline buddies usually age slowly and gracefully. However, Fluffy will slow down as she grows older, and she may need some extra TLC. Read on as a Michigan City, IN vet offers some helpful tips on caring for an aging cat.


By the time Fluffy is a senior, she’ll have gotten a lot of practice at napping, and will be capable of sleeping as much as 20 hours a day! Make sure your drowsy pet has lots of comfy beds to snuggle up in. You may also want to set out pet ramps or stairs for your kitty, so she can reach her favorite perches more easily.


Older cats often get stiff and sore, and may have a hard time grooming their whole bodies. Give your furry friend a helping hand by brushing her gently to remove dead fur and dander from her coat.


Older cats often find it easier to use a litterbox with low sides. You may want to get your furball a different powder room. If you have more than one floor in your home, keep extras on every level. That way, your kitty won’t have to navigate the stairs every time she has to use the facilities.

Veterinary Care

Make sure to follow your vet’s recommended appointment schedule. At home, watch for signs of illness, such as hiding, poor grooming, and vomiting. Call your vet right away if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Mental Stimulation

Just like people, cats can get confused and forgetful as they age. Want to know the best way to keep your kitty’s mind healthy? Playtime! Fluffy has to focus to time those tricky pounces and jumps just right. This can help keep your pet’s mind active and healthy as she ages. It will also help keep her in shape physically.


Older cats sometimes get confused or forgetful. Fluffy may meow loudly when this happens. Just do what you can to comfort your furry pal during these occurrences.


Fluffy may become very cuddly in her golden years. Pay attention to your cute pet every day, and make sure she feels loved, safe, and secure. Just be very gentle when picking your kitty up or putting her down.

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