What to Do When Your Pet Packs on the Pounds

Obesity is rather common amongst our canine and feline friends—in fact, nearly half of all cats and dogs are likely to be overweight at one point or another! If you think your pet could stand to shed a few excess pounds, it’s time to act. Here, your Michigan City, IN vet tells you what to do.

See Your Veterinarian

Before taking any action on your own, set up an appointment to have your pet examined at the vet’s office. Your veterinarian will confirm whether or not your pet is in fact overweight. From there, you’ll be able to develop a tailored weight-loss plan that works for your four-legged friend. This step is important because losing too much weight too quickly can be dangerous!

Portion Control

In many cases, simple portion control is all that’s needed to help a pet return to a healthy weight. That’s because overfeeding—including the practice of free-feeding, which is leaving food out at all times for a pet to eat as they please—is one of the leading causes of obesity! By measuring out your pet’s food, and taking away food even if it’s uneaten, you’re ensuring that your companion doesn’t overeat. Ask your vet for a precise portion measurement for your pet.

Diet Upgrade

If your pet is eating a cheap food that contains a lot of “filler” material, they’re receiving empty calories and packing on pounds that they don’t need. Ask your vet for a recommendation on an upgraded diet. When your dog or cat eats a premium, nutritionally balanced food that is appropriate for his or her age and breed, their entire body benefits and they get the exact amount of nutrients they need!

Exercise Tips

A lack of exercise is another leading cause of obesity amongst our pets. Talk to your vet to find out what exercise methods work best for your furry friend. Most pets do well with brisk walks around your block, jogs in the backyard, and vigorous play sessions with a toy.

Table Scraps and Treat Tips

Don’t give your pet a lot of fatty table scraps during mealtime, and don’t overdo it with pet treats. If you’re not careful, your pet’s waistline will increase until they’re overweight!

Do you suspect that your pet could stand to shed a few pounds? We’re here to help. Call your Michigan City, IN veterinary clinic today to make an appointment.

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