The Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

Does your canine pal run and hide when he hears the word ‘Bath?’ If so, he’s in good company. While Fido seems to really enjoy feeling clean and ‘salon-fresh’ he isn’t particularly enthusiastic about the process of getting there. Of course, bathing dogs isn’t always fun for people, either. While it’s always great to have a clean pet, getting soaked and/or covered in dog hair isn’t exactly the highlight of one’s day. Many people choose to go to groomers, and with good reason. Here, a Michigan City, IN vet lists some great benefits of professional dog grooming.


First and foremost, many people use groomers simply because they are so easy. You can drop off your furry friend and pick up a clean, fresh-smelling canine a few hours later. You won’t have to mop up your bathroom, get dog fur out of your drain, or change your clothes. If you take your pet to the vet for his grooming, you may also be able to work grooming into your pup’s regular appointments, killing two birds with one stone.

Early Detection

Although this isn’t guaranteed, good, experienced dog groomers can sometimes spot warning signs of medical conditions, such as cysts, swelling, or skin issues. This can be very helpful, as early detection is always beneficial when it comes to treating animals. Fido’s groomer may also be able to alert you to the presence of parasites, or note skin conditions, such as oiliness, that could indicate nutritional imbalances. Contact your vet right away if your groomer notices anything unusual about your pet’s skin, coat, or overall condition. (Note: Fido’s beauty sessions are not the same as thorough exams. Make sure your pooch sees the vet regularly!)

Simple Nail Trims

Keeping Fido’s nails clipped is very important. If your pup’s nails get too long, they can become very uncomfortable for him. Your pooch may adjust his stride to compensate, which will put extra strain on his bones and joints. However, many people are nervous about giving their furry pals pedicures, and with good reason. If you cut too close, you could cut the quick, which will cause bleeding and pain. Adding a quick nail trim to your four-legged buddy’s grooming schedule can make doggy paw care quick and effortless.

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