Cold Weather Care for Cats

Are you looking forward to winter? Or are you already anxious for spring? No matter what your opinion of the cold is, winter is just around the corner. While Fluffy may already be wearing a fur coat, her needs will change a bit at this time of year. Here, a Michigan City, IN vet discusses cold weather care for cats.


Did you know that kitties sleep even more than usual in cold, dreary weather? Offer your furball plenty of warm, comfy beds to snuggle up in. For extra purrs, get Fluffy a heated bed.


Fall is a peak shedding time for kitties. Brushing Fluffy regularly will remove dead fur and dander from her coat, so that less ends up stuck to your furniture and clothes. This will also reduce hairballs, and just keep your furball more comfortable.

Pain Management

If your furry buddy is a senior, or has problems with her bones and joints, she may get stiff and sore in cold weather. Ask your vet for pain management treatments. Certain supplements, such as fish oil, may also be beneficial.

Kitty Comforts

Do you leave your cat home alone while you go to work? Turn a light on for Fluffy before you leave: it may very well be dark before you get home!

Cuddles and Purrs

Take time to play with your feline pal every day, and let her snuggle up with you at night. It’s always nice to relax on a cold winter night with a purring cat and a good book or movie!

Parasite Control

Although winter isn’t a peak time for fleas, these unwanted hitchhikers can stay active all year. Keep up with Fluffy’s parasite control products!

Keep Fluffy In

We always recommend that cats stay inside. However, winter is especially dangerous for kitties. In addition to threats posed by cars and wild animals, winter’s frigid temperatures can also endanger your pet. Cats can and do get frostbite, especially on their ears and tails. There’s also a chance that your furball could inadvertently get trapped by falling snow, or walk onto thin ice. Salt, antifreeze, and chemical de-icing agents are very dangerous as well. Fluffy could get sick just by walking around outside and then licking her paws!

Please feel free to contact us, your local Michigan City, IN pet hospital, anytime. We are dedicated to providing excellent veterinary care!

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