7 Great Holiday Gifts for Dogs

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Don’t forget to pick up something for your canine buddy. After all, Fido is an important part of the family! Read on as a Michigan City, IN vet lists some great holiday gifts for your four-legged friend.


Toys are very important to your furry companion’s health and well-being! Fun playthings keep Fido active and entertained, prevent doggy boredom, and help him burn off his excess energy. Fill your canine pal’s stocking with some new toys this year. Remember to change your dog’s toys out regularly to keep things fresh and exciting for him.

Doggy Daycare

Does Fido stay home alone while you go to work? Consider enrolling your furry pal in doggy daycare. Your pet can spend the day running and playing with his buddies instead of sitting home by himself.


If there’s one thing our canine friends are always enthusiastic about, it’s food. Offer Fido some yummy treats. Store-bought goodies are fine, but if you like cooking, you can also make your pet’s snacks. Look online for recipe ideas. (Note: homemade doggy treats also make great gifts for Fido’s four-legged buddies.) Just be sure to use only pet-safe ingredients.


Make sure your furry buddy has a comfy bed to curl up in. If you have a senior pet, your pup may like an orthopedic bed. Smaller dogs may prefer beds with raised sides.

Grooming Session

While the process of being bathed may not be Fido’s favorite thing, it’s probably safe to say our four-legged pals do enjoy feeling clean and fresh. Treat your furry friend to a trip to a doggy spa.

Puppy Play Zone

Does Fido have a yard to chase squirrels around in? Make your canine companion’s outdoor time more fun for him by adding a doghouse, sandbox, or kiddie pool. Of course, you may need to wait a few months to set everything up, so give your cute pet some fun toys and treats in the meantime.

Pet Ramps

Do you have a small dog? Pet ramps can help your pup get on and off the bed or in and out of the car. This is also a great idea for pooches in their senior years!

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your Michigan City, IN pet clinic, for all of your dog’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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