DIY Pocket Pet Toys

Do you have a gerbil, hamster, or Guinea pig for a pet? If so, you’ve picked a very cute little buddy! These smaller pets are very gentle and easy to care for, which makes them very popular choices for children’s pets. One thing that is very important is providing your pet with proper chew toys. Smaller animals typically have open-rooted teeth, which means their choppers never stop growing. If your pet doesn’t chew enough, he or she could develop painful dental issues. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this, however. Here, a local Michigan City, IN vet offers some great DIY chew toy ideas.


There are lots of ways to turn plain paper into a fun, safe chew toy for your pet. Shred some, and put it in a box or wicker basket. Hide a yummy treat underneath the pile to make it even more fun. Or, just crumple a sheet up around a tasty snack. You can also make different shapes, like paper chains or snowflakes. This is a great project for kids!


Cardboard is another good option. The tubes from paper towel or toilet paper rolls can be turned into quite a few different toys. Stuff several into a shoebox or tissue box, or use twine to make a pyramid out of them. You can also fill them with fresh herbs or grass hay, or cut them up into small rings and reassemble them as little balls.


Smaller animals love to explore tunnels and mazes. You can easily make these out of PVC pipe, or even shoeboxes. Another option is to cut up regular boxes, and reassemble them into little labyrinths for your tiny pal.

Wood/Wicker Items

You can turn many wood and wicker items into great toys for your furry friend. For instance, children’s blocks, wooden spoons, thread spools, or wicker baskets can all make terrific chew toys. Just avoid items made from pine or cedar, which are toxic to pocket pets. Also, be sure to thoroughly clean these items before handing them over.


Always put your pint-sized pal’s safety first. Never give your little buddy anything with sharp edges, small parts, or dangling threads. Also, avoid anything coated in varnish, paint, dye, glitter, or other decorative substances.

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